The Stool Pigeon, ChannelZeroYT

Corey Wells, moniker @ChannelZeroYT 17 of Sistersville, WV is back to opening his cocksuckers yet again.

This stool pigeon has not learned his lesson and continues to dry snitch and attack fellow anons. We all witnessed months prior around early or mid January when the attacks from Commander X on Noah Mchugh aka @JustRatCat came hard on the anonymous group KnightSec and FailFag David Michael Heine aka @ihazcandy attacked KYAnonymous causing his twitter suspension.

Shortly after Corey Wells (CZYT) disbanded from the Sec and association of Anonymous. Seen here:


Since then, Corey has deleted the YouTube video. But thanks to web cache’s we can see where this FailFag immature kid has not learned lessons.


Soon after I received this following DM from a reliable source.


Around this time I engaged in a conversation with Corey aka ChannelZeroYT with concerns of him wanting to take down X and releases to the Feds of his current residences. After Noah Mchugh aka @JustRatCat was called out on numerous issues from working with the DOD and actually encouraging rape, ChannelZeroYT still stood by this fuck tards side just to learn to “hack”.


I then presumed the conversation and question him wanting to go after X. Here was his response.






Now, in the most recent dilemma Corey Wells has decided to keep snitching out of reason I’m unsure of. I try and tell myself and hope that’s it the immaturity coming out of this kid however, he has been approached multiple times and should know by now when to keep his cockholster shut.

It’s funny alot of anon’s was quick judge and label KY a snitch for telling everyone the same thing we already knew about @JustRatCat taking full responsibility of the hack and any and all illegal activity.


I’m sorry, but if I was is a car with someone who just went a picked up a kilo of cocaine that belonged to them I would refuse to do another mans time or be charged with or for something he did because of his stupidly.

If you “anons” thought KY was a snitch then what the fuck you call these tweets? Yet, you still follow and like this skids shit? Case in point.




And for the record, Thomas’s account was never hacked. Thomas failed to log out and was taken over by someone else, then given away.






“Team Mate” really? I believe you lost your credential’s when everyone seen how weak you was once the Domino’s started to fall within your so called “crew”. Your nothing more than a skid, Corey. @Soliditary and @OfficialHmei7 clowned you for months. Then you claim to be a hacker and @seriousmode d0xed you and you out of the blue delete thousands of tweets claiming to be a whitehat.

Keep it real, when the going get’s tough, Corey gets soft! For the record lets add just one more screen shot for shit and giggle’s that confirms that your willing to get anyone in trouble with the FEDS by stealing their ip address for you to use to make malicious DDOS attacks on websites.


In closing, your not to be trusted. Your a scared skid living with mommy. P.S Go Fuck Yourself.

Zero Fucks Was Given–WKT


Was Lee Stranahan Part of the Big Red Cover-Up?

I despise the fact I’m going to waste a portion of my day to write about a meth induced toothless, victim blaming scam artists. Although this may not compare to the ass-whopping Bullyville @bullyville handed to you, I will provide some hard evidence that connects Lee to Steubenville Big Red coaching staff’s home the night prior to the Steubenville teen rape case trial. Lee also openly admitted to have stayed or been compensated by assistant prosecutor Frank Bruzzese while visiting Steubenville.


Months earlier, Lee was begging for donations to make his way to Steubenville. As he always does, he managed to con some innocent citizen out of a free room and board to cover the case. In my honest opinion Lee’s only interest and concern on Steubenville was to further his work on Occupy Unmasked, a independent anti-anonymous documentary. He had no good intentions for the people of Steubenville who helped him or the survivor or the accused.

As desperate citizens searched for answers to try and combat Anonymous and Anonymous supporters they found their false messiah. Desperate times call’s for desperate measures. Steubenville was the time, Stranahan was the measure.

Thanks to supporters, snuggle soft a awesome teddy bear and multi-billion dollar Global Positioning System (GPS) we was able to trace Lee’s every step and check-in while visiting Steubenville. The software used is free and legal, no hacking was involved to find this evidence. I will provided the information and you can try it out for yourself.

What Is GPS?
Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on or near the Earth where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites. The system provides critical capabilities to military, civil and commercial users around the world. It is maintained by the United States government and is freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver.

How Accurate is GPS?
GPS amounts to 2–3 metres (6.6–9.8 ft) of ambiguity. CPGPS working to within 1% of perfect transition reduces this error to 3 centimetres (1.2 in) of ambiguity. By eliminating this error source, CPGPS coupled with DGPS normally realizes between 20–30 centimetres (7.9–12 in) of absolute accuracy. In others words, it’s almost as positive as a DNA test.

Here is the evidence linking Stranahan to these accusations:

Lee Stranahan’s Interest in Steubenville Ohio Rape Case: A report by @funnyb34r

Geo-locating Lee Stranahan In Steubenville

Cree.PY a freeware Geo-Locating Program: Let’s have some fun with Twitter Geolcation using a program called Cree.Py. Target @Stranahan because people want to know A) who’s paying him, B) How he affords to travel there C) why his interest is there and D) Who would want his help. why is Lee Stranahan so against the victim and for the defendents winning, and above all else why is his timeline centered around the importance of football and the coaches innocence?

(Nevermind that he mentioned Jane Doe’s name on the 13th and left it on his timeline of almost 30,000 followers on twitter for over 8 hours before removing it just months after he attacked the activist group KnightSec for releasing the un-edited probable cause transcript for free download.)

40.36093994, -80.61135365 OH-7 S, Steubenville, OH 43952 (irrelevant) 40.3604, -80.614852 3/13/2012 12:55:44 PM (BINGO!) 38. 39. We have an address 162 N 4th st Unit 205, Steubenville OH 43952 using a converter.

Timothy M Belardine Matts father lives there. Son Matthew source :

Tampering with witnesses Lee? Getting paid by them to bash the people outing the truth? Person of interest Matt Belardine Assistant Coach at Big Red DOB: 11/10/1987 58. (740) 264-5542 113 Wilma Ave 60. Steubenville, OH 43952 61. (source Matt’s sister allegedly bragged amongst classmates that they lied and got away with it.

This address is one of the parties listed in the probable cause transcript located on Stranahans blog a copy can be requested from the courthouse or downloads may be found online as well. The transcript describes how Matt supposedly “Broke The Party Up”.

(In case Lee removes/edits the posts I have screenshotted them here for preservation , )

40.36093994, -80.61135365 OH 7 S Steubenville, OH 43952 (irrelevant) 74. 75. 40.49574894, -80.24624331 Findlay Township, PA 03/13/2013 1:40 Am. Possibly his Hotel?
32.98272818, -96.76942553 16727 N Coit Rd, Richardson, TX 75248

More TX addresses, irrelevant 32.83803132, -96.7759037 81. 82. 32.78680551, -96.79543018 83. 32.78930907, -96.80171688

The Breakdown: Now why would he be meeting with Matthew’s father, more than likely with Matt himself in attendance? The answer is simple, Stranahan does not work for free.

Lee Launches a Blogging Course To Get Paid: Since his involvement in the Steubenville rape case he has drawn attention to his blog rather than his own website and then in the midst of all this re-launched his “Make Money From Blogging Course” shown in the photos of his tweets here:

Upcharging people in their quest to get online and talk about their city Lee? That’s mighty capitalist of you sir. Lee Bashes Writers Who Speak Against The Defense: l Still even more Lee’s blog located at has bashed many media outlets, including yahoo news writer @DanWetzel for his article involving steubenville. Lee has challenged everyone, blocking those he can’t disprove with his word twists. Now that the trial is happening and the media is live streaming the whole thing (which I dont think poor Lee foresaw,) Lee is cherry picking testimony and tweets that fit his seemingly paid agenda. What happens when challenged? Lee simply rebutes that “That statement is false” with zero evidence to back that claim. Lets have a look at the latest article as of this morning from Yahoo writer @DanWetzel as of March 15 2013 below.–steubenville-suspects–text-messages-paint-disturbing-picture-of-night-of-alleged-rape–according-to-prosecutors-053236470.html

Text Messages Recovered By BCI Agents Contradict Lee’s Blog: Here we have text evidence gathered from cellphones by BCI agents from Trent Mays stating “We’re hitting it.” Referring to the victim no doubt.

Here we have text evidence gathered from Ohio BCI agents that Nodianos not only knew what was happening at the party, but recieved child pornography (since the victim was underage at the time of attack, via Trent Mays own admission to Mark Cole. You may remember Nodianos from the video that Anonymous posted earlier this year in which he referenced the victim being “raped” and a “dead girl” seemingly at the same time the attacks were happening.

Texts Recovered From Trent Mays Phone Discuss Coach Reno’s Involvement: Even further, here is text messages between Trent Mays and a friend pulled by BCI agents that detail Coach Reno Saccoccia simply known as “Reno” (who has the stadium named after him at Big Red High,) seemingly “took care of things” for Trent and the others involved, and was even joking about the incident with his students. This is a claim that Lee Stranahan has fought hard until now, probably due to the fact that hes more than likely being paid by the coaches as discovered in his geolocations listed above:

. Lee “Re-Launches” Pornographic Venture Lee has also re-launched his pornography hobby/business venture in which he allegedly has his wife personally deliver prints in 2 hour paid sessions to the buyer, as well as previously featured rape fetish porn. As of this….. Finish reading by clicking link provided below.