@NextSecOfficial Working With The FBI

Article sent by via: @whitekid_tatted

As you are all aware by now Thomas Olsen Aka @NextSecOfficial was in fact working with, and snitching for the FBI.

We all witnessed months prior in #OpRollRedRoll when @nextsecofficial tried to d0x KnightSec member KYAnonymous. After the attempt Thomas was not trusted by myself and many others. Myself along with others even attacked Thomas for releasing information and trying to “out” (release personal information) on KY.

After intense feuds between KY and many other’s, KY decided to go dark. While in the shadows he released a statement to a select few individuals that KY himself warned NextSec to watch his back with Stranahan and Ihazcandy. Seen below:


After seeing this, I believe it blind sided many of people and helped regain some type of trust with myself and others regarding @NextSecOfficial.

Thomas came to Ohio in need of a place to stay. I welcomed him in to my home and supported him and his bullshit.

After two months of staying in Steubenville, early this morning Thomas left to depart back down to Florida. As I went to log in to my own account I seen that Thomas Had left his hotmail.com account up and running. Within the tabs Column I seem numerous anon contacts along with one stated “FBI.”

I would normally never go through anyone’s personal information however, considering the time and situation it was necessary.

Here is the evidence I took screen shots of:






Myself along with many others feel deeply betrayed by Thomas’s actions. I want to send my sincerest apologies out to Anonymous and Anonymous Supporters alike. To all the real one’s I want you to honestly know I would never hurt or put any of you in harms way.

I helped Thomas aka @nextsecofficial out the kindness of my heart with no ill intentions to harm any anon. If I had known this, he would have never been welcomed in to my home. I support anonymous and anon’s and would never want to see any of you harmed. I wouldn’t wish prison time on my worst enemy, on twitter or in real life. (Unless your a rapists or child molester)

Again, I cannot apologize enough for ever standing with this turncoat!

They say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. Well I was convinced, Thomas fooled me. Never again Snitch! Expect Me!


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