Steubenville Rape Case Exploited for Personal Gain and to Unmask Anon’s

In the most recent disturbing evidence, we concluded that two independent Journalist Amanda Blackburn @amandablackburn and sister Heidi Blackburn @heidijblackburn was trusted under false pretense by Don Carpenter. The two gained the well known Pittsburgh native Independent Journalist trust only to exploit the Steubenville rape case for personally gain. Provided is an statement by Mr. Carpenter himself via pastebin as well as a screen shot that a supporter of anonymous provided to share.

Statement by Mr. Carpenter;

“My name is Don Carpenter (@nunyaman) i have been an activist journalist for over a year an a half now. You all know me personally or have heard of me. The following is something sad that I am discreetly passing off. plz no doxes or public humiliation as regardless of being used and the hurt I feel, I still care for one of the soon to be mentioned way too much still against better judgement and it would hurt me to see doxes or public shaming.

I started covering Steubenville in December. Your activities to be precise. I did so in a fair and objective manner despite my personal agreement with ur cause.

I was trying to build a team in January to cover the trial. i was contacted by Amanda Blackburn @amandablackbrn and @heidijblackburn as volunteers. I soon began training them in pittsburgh during pgh activist activities. I soon fell in love with amanda after meeting her during the second Steubenville Rally.
After awhile, I brought in Tom Jefferson as a photographer( the black guy with dreads) @tomjefferson14

I created WTNN as a school for the next gen of indy journalists.

Soon after dating Amanda, I found out there was issues with how broke us independent journalists really are after alot of shit talking by heidi on it, amanda and i broke up after the last time we were all at triple play together.
Tom and Heidi did nothing but shit talk you anons as frauds and fools, and being just in it to photograph u for money down the line (something which isn;t cool if u claimm and to be in it for the cause and nothing else)

i became at odds with heidi when i called her out for only writing her 1st 2 articles and declaring herself better and a “moral” compass for those of us at Mobile broadcast news who have been doing this for years, gave up our houses and bank accounts to provide media for activists and just causes all over the US and the world. Heidi promptly threw a temper tantrum ande turned tom my best friend and media associate against me and the fight for jane doe.

Fast forward to the trial tom came down to be with heidi on my dime(my money) and never had an intention of taking pics for the trial. Amanda decided that me sleeping and working out of my van (which i often do at media convergences and trials) wasn;t good enough and wanted to get back together. all I had to do was get her into the trial as a journalist, and share bylines and let her co-write my articles. she is a great writer and improved the quality of the steubenville articles we wrote to a minor extent, but her major purpose was to get close to my anonymous contacts, my contacts withing steubenville’s juvenile justice center, hob nob with cnn and media personalities from across the globe and use me, you all and jane doe to gain more twitter followers, exposure for the purpose of making money. i even speculated this was the reason we got back together conveniently before the trial as i had formal press credentials and she still has a FAKE mobile broadcast news press pass and just access to write blogs.
she denied that, but low and behold when a article i wanted to write transcribing the trent mays texts reached over 200,000 reads and got featured on the atlantic and other media outlets, she promptly broke up with me again and said she didn;t mean to use me for more followers on twitter and exposure, but it happened.

She also got very upset when i was leaked jane’s medical records and broke the story using red acted documents as her and mine’s big break to sell that shit to time magazine. I am not in this for cash although being donated cash for expenses rock….not a fame whore or a money whore, i do this for the truth.

Anyway so i was convinced to spend the last 300 i had to my name pending using that to move to weirtom or steubenville so her and i could cover the trial. now i am broke and homeless as of may 1st.

Amanda is a good girl deep down, and i love her very much, but this fame whoring, money loving shit is something em i can;t tolerate or will allow at the expense of my anon friends and sources.

my advice stay away from her, don;t let heidi or tom take ur pictures cuz they’re all in this for the fucking money which is wrong.

thnx for listening don;t trust them

Don Carpenter

A Screen shot of Heidi Blackburn publicly posting via Facebook outing unmasked anon’s from her ustream account.

We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
Expect Us



3 thoughts on “Steubenville Rape Case Exploited for Personal Gain and to Unmask Anon’s

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing Don, this made me very sad to hear.

    At the risk of fame-whoring, we have been covering Steubenville (and other movements like Anonymous and IdleNoMore) since December 2012 over at

    We (a collective of people spearheaded by a one-woman-effort) have put in hundreds of hours of gruelling, unpaid work to provide factually accurate reports, original research, interesting insight, opinion and analysis.

    We have done all this out of a deep belief in one thing: that it is a basic human right to have free access to high quality information.

    It’s such a shame to see those ideals eroded by egotism and economics.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  2. Very incredible, how some people go to length in getting close to á near form of networks. Don, don’t be discouraged to realize that interaction came true not ( @Amandablackbrn ) forshadow of, What many others do with anon’s few and from.

  3. Don know that your work has been read and is appreciated by those that don’t know you. Those of us watching from afar. I salute you and your honorable efforts. I don’t have much, but I do share.Please let us know where we can contribute funds for your own discretion. I pray for your peace.

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